Hello, I'm
Michael Short.

I'm a and the founder of Blitz Industries.

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What I Do

I create...

products, websites, art & more.

I got my start as a web designer and digital marketer, but soon became obsessed with the Websites as a Service (WaaS) business model. I’ve created (with the help of my team) our own WaaS (AutoCare-PRO.com) and several others for our WaaS.PRO customers.

I'm the Founder of WaaS.PRO

I create products.

As a creator I realized the tools for building a WaaS just didn’t cut it. So in July 2017 I started WaaS.PRO, a premium suite of plugins designed specifically for WaaS creators. Since then it’s grown from a small side project to powering the audiences of over 20,000 creators including Chris Lema, David Vongries, Tevye Brown, and many more.

What We've Built with Our Plugins

I create websites.

AutoCare-PRO has become the first choice website platform for all segments of the Auto Care industry, including; Paintless Dent Repair techs, body shops, detailers, mechanics and auto care professionals around the world, who love its speed, power and features.

Digital painting from a photograph.
Illustrator, Graphic Artist, & Web Designer

I create

I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. From drawing on walls to digital painting on my iPad. I love every aspect of creativity.

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